True Revelation Of The 4:44 Jay Rumored Album Is A Movie


The URL for the image contained the text “tidal-444” with no additional information attached to it. It’s not only online that these ads appeared. The same “444” image also showed up on multiple New York City subway stations with commuters wondering what the cryptic image meant. Many speculated that it’s a campaign for a new Jay Z album.

So unfortunately it turns out the “4:44″ ads we’ve been seeing everywhere isn’t a Jay Z album as rumors suggested earlier this week. During Wednesday night’s NBA Finals game 3, a new commercial was aired that revealed the mystery. “4:44” is actually an upcoming film that is a collaboration between Tidal and Sprint.

A day later, it’s revealed that 4:44 is actually the name of a film which stars Mahershala Ali, Danny Glover and Lupita Nyong’o. According to the commercial which aired during tonight’s NBA Finals, it is set to be a Sprint/TIDAL exclusive. We are waiting for more info on it. Watch the ad below.

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