PnB Meen – She Drippy

PnB Meen - She Drippy Mp3 Download

PnB Meen – She Drippy Mp3 Download

While still building his fan base, PNB Rock releases his new song entitled “She Drippy“. PNB has taunted this record on both his IG and his periscope and fans have been awaiting he release. The record is a female friendly record which exhibits PNB showcasing his vocals ability while expressing being somewhere between a mistress and commitment. PNB wants this female to be his but with his new found fame, he knows being in a committed relationship isn’t even questionable. The passion behind his voice and the way the lyrics vibe directly with the production create a hella good song. Song like this are my favorite from PNB because his voice is unlike any other. The song is just mellow and you cant help but to sing along. I don’t think this is single worthy and i don’t think he should set up Radio friendly records since he isn’t an  independent artist. Check it out!

DOWNLOAD PnB Meen – She Drippy 

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