Kendrick Lamar’s New Album DAMN. : See Full Writing & Production Credits

Kendrick Lamar's New Album DAMN. : See Full Writing & Production Credits

Kendrick Lamar’s new studio album DAMN. has arrived. Though it’s slim on features, there are many collaborators involved in the making of the project. Thanks to the official credits to the album, we can now get a better understanding of what went into the new music. Familiar names like Sounwave, DJ Dahi, Mike Will Made-It and Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith” appear across multiple tracks on the project, as do lesser known musicians like Bekon, Matt Schaeffer, and former THC producer Ricci Riera.

Production Credits:

1. BLOOD (Prod. by Bekon & Top Dawg) / Composed by K. Duckworth, D. Tannenbaum, A. Tiffith
2. DNA (Prod. by Mike WiLL Made It) / Composed by K. Duckworth, M. Williams II
3. YAH (Prod. by SounWave, DJ Dahi & Top Dawg) / Composed by K. Duckworth, M. Spears, D. Natche, A. Tiffith
4. ELEMENT (Prod. by SounWave, James Blake & Ricci Riera) / Composed by  K. Duckworth, M. Spears, J. Blake, R. Riera
5. FEEL (Prod. by by SounWave) / Composed by K. Duckworth, M. Spears
6. LOYALTY (Feat. Rihanna) (Prod. by SounWave, DJ Dahi, Terrace Martin & Top Dawg) / Composed by K. Duckworth, D. Natche, M. Spears, T. Martin, A. Tiffith
7. PRIDE (Prod. by Steve Lacy & Top Dawg) / Composed by K. Duckworth, S. Lacy, A. Wise, A. Tiffith
8. HUMBLE (Prod. by Mike WiLL Made It) / Composed by K. Duckworth, Michael L. Williams II
9. LUST (Prod. by SounWave, DJ Dahi & BADBADNOTGOOD) / Composed by M. Spears, K. Duckworth, C. Hansen, D. Natche, A. Sowinski, M. Tavares L. Whitty
10. LOVE (Feat. Zacari) (Prod. by Teddy Walton, SounWave, Greg Kurstin & Top Dawg) / Composer: K. Duckworth, Z. Pacaldo, T. Walton, M. Spears, G. Kurstin, A. Tiffith
11. XX (Feat. U2) (Prod. by SounWave, DJ Dahi, Mike WiLL Made It & Top Dawg) / Composed by K. Duckworth, M. Williams II, D. Natche, M. Spears, Anthony Tiffith, D. Evans, L Mullen, P. Hewson, A. Clayton
12. FEAR (Prod. by Alchemist) / Composed by K. Duckworth, A. Maman
13. GOD (Prod. by by SounWave, Bekon, DJ Dahi, Top Dwag, Cardo & Ricci Riera) / Composed by K. Duckworth, R. Riera, M. Spears, D. Natche, D. Tannenbaum, R. LaTour, A. Tiffith
14. DUCKWORTH (Prod. by 9th Wonder) / Composed by K. Duckworth, P. Douthit

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