The First Film Reactions of ‘Justice League’ Surface Arriving November 17th!


Whenever a major comic-book film comes out, private screenings are held to build buzz for the project right before its release. In past years, Warner Bros. and their D.C. releases haven’t been the go-to-choice for the mainstream – due to people in power not being on the same page.

Well, after witnessing Wonder Woman become one of the most successful films of all-time, higher-ups within both branches are finally taking the DC Universe serious.

With Ben Affleck’s The Batman nearing official production, Justice League is planning to set up for the company’s biggest release of this extended universe.

Last week, a first test screening for Justice League took place, with a hand-full of people in attendance to share their thoughts. We’re not sure if it was shown in IMAX 3D; but rumblings on social media have surfaced; which we do believe Warner will not be angry if positive hype emerges.

It’s unclear if film will be a masterpiece, but the initial reactions have us thankful that Joss Whedon did do all those extensive re-shoots last spring. Take a look at the first reactions below.

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