‘Dragon Ball Super’ to Reveal Goku’s Shocking New Form


In upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super, Goku is going to sport an all-new look (along with incredible powers and abilities, I’m sure) in order to survive the Tournament of Power. I’m not entirely sure just what they’ll call the new form (as long as it’s not Super Saiyan Rosé, I’m good) or what exactly Goku’s new abilities/weaknesses will be, but it’s an exciting moment for sure.

Fans of the original run of Dragon Ball Z, like myself, likely still count Goku’s first transformation into Super Saiyan as a groundbreaking moment in the anime. Now, new and returning fans alike will get to see Goku go to yet another level. The excitement is diluted somewhat since we’ve already seen him go into Super Saiyan God mode and Super Saiyan Blue on a number of occasions, but this new silver-eyed, black-haired Goku is something else … perhaps approaching the level of Kai.

We’re all waiting for Goku to take on Jiren in the tournament, but how that will impact the Saiyan’s next power level (and his fellow fighters) remains to be seen. Do you have thoughts and theories? Let me know in the comments!

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